How to choose a Houston Plumber

How to choose a Houston Plumber yb plumbing

Finding a good plumber is not a concrete or guaranteed process that comes naturally to many. Over the years I have heard many stories of bad plumbers and bad experiences. I have also had my fair share of ripoff artists as well, but we’ll focus on the idea of finding a good plumber in this article. Since this isn’t a technique that is taught or trained I figured I would write an article to help others at least gain some insight into the industry that one cannot necessarily see from the outside looking in. Certain things are obvious and easy to check like license, online reviews, and how long they have been in business but others things like, “Are you getting a good quote?”, are more mysterious. These are the best practices on How to choose a Houston Plumber.

Finding the right Plumber

The first thing I tell anyone who asks is to make sure that your plumber is licensed and insured. There are many things that can happen on the job and by making sure that the plumber is insured you will protect yourself from thousands of dollars in damaging costs. The skill level of the plumber can also show you the level of experience they have acquired. From apprentice to master plumbers the number of hours of experience required are different from state to state. Finding out these specifications for your state can give you an extra insight on the level of experience of the technician you are talking to, which are best on how to choose a Houston Plumber

Read the Plumbing Reviews

Company's ratingCheck online resources. In this modern day and age there are thousands of outlets for reviews and reputations. Every professional company should have Google reviews, website reviews, and more. If you can’t find any information on the plumber or plumbing company then you should probably look elsewhere, or at least use this information to negotiate your price lower. Along with reviews online you should also be able to find out how long a company has been in business from their main company web page. The general thought process behind this is that if a company has been around for years they won’t disappear on you if something goes wrong.

Sometimes cross referencing a bid given to you by one company can be extremely helpful in knowing if you are getting a valid price. If you get a high variance between the two quotes, then call a third to see which one of the quotes was way off. I must stress with high importance that you should not always trust the lowest over the phone quote. Trusting an over the phone quote is quite hard and may not be the best idea for you. Most over the phone prices are actually only an estimate and usually a bait to get you to commit to a job. I tell people often that you should get an accurate quote only by having them physically check out the job in question.

looking for a plumberFinally getting referrals can be an extremely helpful way of finding a plumber. By getting a referral from a friend or family you are at least choosing a company that someone you know trusts. Other than family and friends I suggest talking to another technician that you trust in a different field. If you trust a mechanic or A/C repair man then sometimes they may have a trusted plumber that they use often. Finally a local plumbing supply store can be a great source of information as they usually don’t have much tolerance for bad plumbers.

Over the years there have been many horror stories relayed on How to choose a Houston Plumber and about plumbers doing a job wrong or just wasting time. Sometimes overbidding or underbidding can be a real hassle. Though doing a job again from a botched plumber puts money in my pocket it is sadly a waste for both my customer and the industry reputation as a whole. Hopefully these tips can help you to make sure you get the most out of your future plumbing jobs rather than just trusting the first plumber you come in contact with.

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